The Night that Stumped NASA

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July 2, 2020
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I read a fantastic story recently and I am not sure its true,

But like the great southern philosopher Reese Witherspoon says, “It doesn’t have to be true to be told.”

I’m Ginger Garrett, and I’m taking a break from my online promotions for Name Tags and Other Sixth Grade Disasters because someone needs to hear this story.

Join me, if you will, in outer space. One of the early Nasa missions. The crew was working in the early dawn hours, command control in Houston was quiet, and home was just one more distant planet in their windshield.

Now, I’ve been lonely, but this was a loneliness that comes from being all alone in the universe, cut off from all help and support, friends and family. Floating in the darkness.

And then the astronauts began receiving a radio transmission from earth, big band music, the old style from the 30’s, heavy on the brass horns and up tempo. The music was so unexpected, the radio program so delightful, the whole mood changed that night.

The next day the astronauts thanked NASA for the transmission. Nasa replied the transmission had not come from them. Intrigued, NASA scoured the world to find the station that had broadcast that program. No one had. Unbelievably, the program the astronauts heard that night had been transmitted decades earlier.

The music had hung around. The astronauts intercepted it in the least likely way, in the most unexpected place.

It feels like our world is at a crisis point; many of us are in the darkness, keeping vigil on this long, lonely night, and we feel alone.

But consider this:

On your path today, you too might intersect with a transmission from decades past.

See, I believe that in every family there is someone who prayed, who sent transmissions to the heavens, hopes and dreams for a better future, for cycles to be broken, for freedom, for healing, for strength.

Their prayers for a better future did not die with them.

They never saw your face; they never knew your name. But they breathed words of hope, courage, faith. Listen closely today and you might hear the music of your family. Even on the darkest night, hope can find its way to you.

Now get out there and make your family proud.

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