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March 18, 2020
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April 1, 2020

Ready to create your own Meditation-To-Go basket? Now more than ever, we need to seize every chance we have to recharge our emotional batteries. But if your living situation has gotten complicated by the current crisis, having a meditation basket that you can grab and take anywhere is a big help. Here’s how I made mine:


First, find any basket that is easy to carry. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just functional.

Next, add in two inspirational books. Why only two? Because we’re all overwhelmed right now. Don’t bring that feeling into your quiet time. For me, it’s the Bible and a twelve-step devotional.

Then add in:

Journal and pen

Towel or mat for stretching or yoga

Tissues for tears

A candle, preferably flameless or battery operated because those are safe for use anywhere. I love having a candle during my prayer time. In the ancient world, at the temple of Solomon, priests would burn incense, and the rising smoke symbolized the prayers of the people rising to God. Using a candle during my prayer time helps me visualize that my prayers are heard.

And finally? Notecards. During this time of disconnection, we aren’t getting our recommended 8 hugs a day. But studies show receiving a little gift releases oxytocin—the same chemical that gets releases when we receive a hug. That’s what mailing these cards can do!

At the end of your quiet time, write a quick note to someone, maybe even someone in a nursing home or rehab center. You’ll end your mediation energized by a good deed, and someone else will feel hugged during the loneliest time our generation has ever faced.

For more ideas of what to stock in your basket, I’ve added some of my favorite products below. These do contain affiliate links, and the list is great for getting ideas of what you might want to keep on hand.

Much love to you all! Ginger

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